Solar films for commercial and industrial buildings. Solar films provide you with a commercial use of thermal protection; enable you to make a significant convenience to your customers or employees.  You can reduce at the same time the energy costs as well as maintenance and strength of your air conditioning system. Thus you contribute to the reduction of carbon in the atmosphere. Occupants benefit from a comfortable environment and thus increase the productivity. The air conditioning system is less exhausted so it allows companies to reduce absenteeism due to illness of fatigue. A majority of solar films is having the advantage to offer a reduced visibility of your inner space. You preserve your privacy without reducing your visibility to the outside. You have the opportunity to enjoy the space and the landscape that surrounds you without being bothered and preserve the style of your building.


Solar SunProtech films are also available in 100 and 200 Microns. They offer the feature of being able to keep the mass of glass attached on the film after the effect of a shock or worse ‘vandalism or act terrorism’. We realized many benefits both for sensitive sites such as military installations, classified CEVESO oil or simply to schools, hospitals, government … As you may have read earlier, you are a homeowner or renter; your investment can be profitable, both humanly and economically. You can have a payback in less than 2 to 3 years, depending on the chosen film.



For many of us, buying a house or an apartment is an objective that is what gives a life. Be able to gather what is dear for the family in a pleasant and safe place is important. SunProtech offers a wide range of solar films that allow you to protect your investment and your surroundings every day. SunProtech offers you a countless advantages that allow you to accomplish this; we will present some of them.

Heat Rejection

Windows considered a significant part of a home. Even in the modern buildings, they have an important role in the regulation of energy and heat. Homeowners can now preserve the architectural style of their homes while rejecting a significant portion of IR which is one of the major causes of overheating.

Whether a single or double glazing we have the film for your needs, they are clear or dark? We take care to advise you on the most suitable product for your living environment and in the smartest technologies for your location and orientation of your home.


Reducing energy costs

The solar film SunProtech causes stabilizing of temperature and make your living environment is more pleasant and you are reducing day by day your electric bill thus you can significantly reduce costs in your home or apartment. Very quickly, it is possible without any help you can recover a return on investment benefits according to country tax credits.

Reducing the usage of the air conditioning system will help you to reduce the services costs and therefore its maintenance.


UV Protection

UV is responsible for Day-to-day discoloration of your woodwork, fabrics and artworks. The film SunProtech guarantees optimum protection (up 99.5% of neutralization UV). This allows you to keep your valuables without fear of seeing deteriorate with time.

More important than your property, is your health and that of your loved ones it has been shown that excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation for many years increased the risk of skin cancer and other diseases such as cataract and premature aging of the skin. The higher the total dose of ultraviolet radiation received during the life, the higher the risks are significant.



Nowadays, it is simple enough to be able to protect your windows against storm (Lothar and Martin that devastated France in December 1999), vandalism or more naturally accidents of everyday life. Our films SECURIT-SunProtech 100 and 200 microns offer, thanks to their polyester and ultra-strong adhesive, the ability to keep the mass of broken glass in place without projecting inside your home dangerous debris.
They also protect you from intruders by significantly delaying the thieves who would be inclined to enter your home through a window or a glass door. It is approved that the thief who spends more than a minute on a site without achieve his ends prefers to visit another place. Do not be a victim, pull all assets on your side.




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7 Proposed Films



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4 Proposed Films



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The evolution of the solar film has changed enormously for the last ten years;
Currently the technology offers the customer a wide choice either for performance or aesthetics.
Metal Film: is an older technology but still offers a wonderful performance advantage.
Carbon Film: A film with an identical performance to the metal films without mirror effect.
Ceramic Film: Last generation product that offers exceptional performance, it can be extremely transparent while having a heat release of more than 77%.