CERAMIC Premium Series

The Ceramic premium films are an all-carbon technology with a highly resistance to UV. They are recommended in extremely sunny countries, with a high thermal performance that makes it an often selected product.


CERAMIC Premium 15

Affix the Ceramic Premium 15 to your car windows makes a glazed gray color and keeps a reinforced intimacy without making any reflective passages.

  • Total solar energy rejected 73%
  • IR rejected 73%
  • Visible light transmittance 13%
  • UV rejected 99%


CERAMIC Premium 35

The Ceramic Premium 35 provides an original glazed appearance to your vehicle and also provides a good thermal protection.

  • Total solar energy rejected 70%
  • IR rejected 60%
  • Visible light transmittance 34%
  • UV rejected 99%


CERAMIC Premium 50

A very light film that will satisfy customers who do not want too dark product, it shall not derogate its thermal performance which is an extreme performance for its range.

  • Total solar energy rejected 60%
  • IR rejected 50%
  • Visible light transmittance 39%
  • UV rejected 99%