HP Series

HP Series are a high performance films, despite of being an older technology but remains a reliable product. UV resistance with good stabilization in color and neutralizes much of the heat related to the sun.


HP 05

Films used mainly in rear ¾ of the vehicle, unless it can be affixed to the front windows according to the legislation of the concerned country. It provides in addition to enhanced privacy and exceptional thermal performance.

  • Total solar energy rejected 63%
  • IR rejected 45%
  • Visible light transmittance 3%
  • UV rejected 99%


HP 15

Lighter than the HP 05, provides a very good heat rejection capability and keeps a clear view of the front windows to the driver.

  • Total solar energy rejected 61%
  • IR rejected 42%
  • Visible light transmittance 5%
  • UV rejected 99%


HP 25

This film can be affixed to the entire vehicle, it will give the feeling that the windows are original and reducing more than half of the heat input into the cabin.

  • Total solar energy rejected 55%
  • IR rejected 40%
  • Visible light transmittance 17%
  • UV rejected 99%


HP 35

A Clear film but it is powerful enough to be in extreme sunny countries, it will reduce the heat in your cabin and protect it.

  • Total solar energy rejected 49%
  • IR rejected 38%
  • Visible light transmittance 26%
  • UV rejected 99%

HP 45

For customers who do not wish a specially enhanced privacy, this film will meet their desires, while protecting them from the sun.

  • Total solar energy rejected 44%
  • IR rejected 37%
  • Visible light transmittance 40%
  • UV rejected 99%