Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Historically SunProtech helps its customers to protect their vehicles, whether from the sun or aggressive elements in the body such as gravel, sand, insects, etc…

Since 2006 we have integrated in our centers ‘Paint Protection Films’ products (PPF), which over the years have evolved to be considered with the best products of Self-Healing Films and Nano Technology with transparency and unmatched ease of application.

With a minimum of 150 micron our products creates an invisible shield without altering the color of your paint to help protect this vulnerable areas.

Making the choice of our films is the assurance of preserving your vehicle every day without any changes in the appearance.
Perfectly applied by our technicians it will be difficult to notice that your vehicle is perfectly protected by an invisible shield of 150 microns.

For those who want to take the opportunity to change the look of their cars, our film also made it in fact, which eventually bring a touch of originality and protect their vehicles.

Apply the film PPF is the guarantee to protect your vehicle for a long term (7 years warranty*) and thus maintain a good resale value.

In co-operation with HEXIS

*Central Europe Warranty